List Love Lists One and Two

A friend who blogs, along with a group of other bloggers, is doing entries based on themes in the Listography 2011 Book. I thought I would join with the group and see what the process will lead me to.  The first list (I’m catching up) is goals for 2011.Mine, ordered as they come to me, are

  1. Get courageous about facing my financial challenges (yikes)
  2. Develop a Mindfulness Meditation Practice (see my blog that will chronicle this journey)
  3. Read 6 books from 6 different countries on each of six continents (ok, Oceania is more a region)–you can track my progress on this on Goodreads
  4. Read 36 books from the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die lists. Apparently with my life expectancy, and the books I’ve already read, this is what I need to accomplish to succeed in reading them all.
  5. Enjoy and contribute meaningfully to my family.
  6. Find hundreds of geocaches. Hide some too.
  7. Get back to running. Log respectable times in at least 2 half marathons.
  8. Love my life.
  9. Oh, and post weekly here as an active part of the List Love Book Club and the PostaWeek Challenge through WordPress…

Ok, the second one should be easy, given my reading thing, but it’s just not.  Who knows why.  Perhaps my Celexa works a little too well.  TMI??? It is a list of books that have made you cry. The reality is that I know a lot of the books I’ve read lately haven’t made me cry.  And the list below is kinda just guessing from memory.  Maybe I will have to revisit and revise this list later.

  1. Kite Runner
  2. Harry Potter (when characters I love die–just a guess here)
  3. Seriously.  I’m stuck.

What I can say is that there are books I’m definitely avoiding because I think they will make me cry (I’ll get around to them, don’t worry).  One I can think of right of the bat is A Thousand Splendid Suns.  I LOVED Kite Runner and couldn’t wait to read whatever he wrote next. But then my mom said she’d cried reading it when she gave me the new one, and it’s sitting on my shelf, a couple years later. The good news is it is on the 666 shelf (see list 1 above, so it will definitely get read and added to the above by December).

Ok, that was kinda fun.  Thanks list bloggers for getting me started!

About Beth Parks Aronson

I am Associate Professor of Psychology at Lamar University. Previously, I was a psychologist in private practice in Jenkintown, PA where I specialized in anxiety disorders and working with people living with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. I am a little addicted to good literature. Ok, a lot addicted.
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6 Responses to List Love Lists One and Two

  1. Cool Beth! Glad you are joining our list group!! Harry Potter #6 made me cry the most, and Sounder when I read it as a little girl.

  2. Hi Beth, Welcome to the Club! I am really impressed by your reading goals and that you are going to do not one but two half-marathons. I did one two years ago and I still count it among my proudest accomplishments. I’m looking forward to seeing your lists each week!

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  4. Hi Beth! I thought I’d start here, since I’m still getting caught up from being on vacation (and from the holidays) and have not yet come and read your first lists!

    Like Emily said, very impressive. Two 1/2 marathons, and 36 books?? Wow:). I love to read, and it is a huge goal of mine as well- to stop piling books on the list that I “want” to read, and to start actually reading them.

    Okay, off to read your next list…

    • Actually, the overall reading goal is 100 books for the year, but the other 64 can be whatever… I need to get moving. Only 3 so far.

      The half marathons are a little scary now, since I’m not getting out and running. Last year I did 5, but I was training consistently. Hopefully when the snow lets up and my daughter gets better (fever 102 today), I’ll get outside and put in some miles.

  5. Kim Sasso says:

    Hey Beth! I finally got some time to catch up on reading and of course I had to visit your blog after you wrote such a nice comment on mine. I’ll be hooking up with you on Goodreads. I love your 666 idea. My personal challenge is less ambitious – 50 by 50 is my pledge to read 50 fiction books before my 50th birthday. I have been stuck in a long non-fiction rut. I think you are right about us needing to connect more. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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