February Plans

8274999Since I’m currently about four commute days away from finishing my next chunkster (The Girl Who Played with Fire), I’m not going to have reviews to post for a bit. I decided to share with you the results of my crazy strategizing about February challenge reads while we wait. There are a couple fun ones happening in a group I participate in on Goodreads. The one pictured here is from the You’ll Love This One group’s TBR Toppler, which is a crazy group read thing that we do for different periods of time (24 hours or a week), sometimes in teams. This one involves teams competing to win at BINGO. There are a variety of rules about who can read what, so that the ravenous readers don’t just take over and dominate, but the basic idea is that each person on a team reads a different genre to complete a row, column or diagonal. Then we see who collects the most BINGOs in a week of reading. I have been assigned classic, crime, and dystopian for the group. Classic is defined as a book likely to stand the test of time and at least 20 years old. I’m sneaking in with the second book of the Regeneration Trilogy by Pat Barker (copyright 1993) because I’m reading the first book of the trilogy for a different challenge in the same Goodreads group. I’m figuring that I will knock off one of my TBR pile challenge books, Execution Dock by Anne Perry, for the crime option (should earn me a bonus, since the author herself was convicted of murder as a kid(!), but there is no such bonus). My dystopian novel will probably knock off a 1001 Books selection (as do the Regeneration books), as I am leaning toward Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake. I generally like Atwood, so that will be fun.

The other challenge that I’m reading Regeneration, the first book of the trilogy, for is the February Monthly challenge in the YLTO group. It is Olympic themed, and the rules are as follows:

“The YLTO (You’ll Love This One) Olympic Committee is proud to host the 2014 Reading Olympics, sponsored by Goodreads, where you’ll find all your reading needs.

Your first task is to determine which country you are representing. The book you read will either be set in that country, or written by an author born in that country.

The next task is to decide which sport you will be participating in. In addition to your country criteria, your book will also have the following criteria based on your sport:

1. Alpine Skiing – Your book will reflect this sport by being set in the mountains.

2. Biathlon – Being a superb shot with a rifle is mandatory in this sport. The book you choose will have some kind of weaponry in it. There is one restriction in this category. The theme of the book may not be about war.

3. Figure Skating – Your book must involve the creative arts (dancing, art, singing, etc).

4. Curling – Rock it out, people! Anything to do with rocks (archeology, diamonds, rock music, etc.)

5. Ice Hockey – This sport can be all out war! Your book choice must have a war theme (and now you know why you can’t use it for Biathlon).

General Rules:

1. The book may be in any format – paperback, ebook, audiobook.
2. The book may be in any genre.
3. The book may NOT be combined with the Year Long Chunkster Challenge.
4. The book must be read between February 1 to February 28, 2014 (based on your own time zone).
5. The challenge is for one book. You may read more books if you chose, but only the highest scoring book will apply.
6. The book must be 150 pages or more determined by the issue you read. If reading eBook or audiobook page numbers will be deteremined by the issue that comes up on a Goodreads search.

Scoring: (Count all qualifiers that apply)

10 points if book is set in the country you represent AND the author is born there.
5 points if the book’s theme is any of the winter sports listed here.
5 points if the book’s theme is the Olympics.

5 Points – Olympic village: If there is a village in your story
4 Points – Orange on the cover
3 Points – Author’s last name starts with O

5 Points – Length is between 300-400 pages long (based on the edition you read or as per rule #6).
4 Points – A Lake is in the story. (Specify)
3 Points – A Lady is on the cover. (Count only once.)

5 Points – Young Adult genre.
4 Points – Yellow sun is on the cover
3 Points – Year setting is between 1900 and 2000.

5 Points – Title starts with the letter “M”. It may be proceeded by “the”, or “a”.
4 Points – Male author
3 Points – Memoir

5 Points – Poetry is included in the story.
4 Points – Author’s first name starts with “P”.
3 Points – Pink on the cover.

5 Points – Initials in Author’s name
4 Points – Informational (aka non-fiction)
3 Points – International – set in 3 or more countries.

5 Points – Cold – set in Winter
4 Points – Main character is non-human
3 Points – Calligraphy – Title or author’s name is written in script on the cover.

5 Points – Series title is same as book title (eg The Shining, The Shining 1)
4 Points – Shakespeare is mentioned.
3 Points – Science Fiction genre.”

Not sure exactly how many points Regeneration will give me, but it seemed to fit enough options without me giving it a ton of thought, and will be a relatively quick listen in the car.  In fact, all the books I’ve lined up so far are pretty short–long enough to meet minimum requirements for the challenges, but quick enough to help me get a bunch of books done without having to extend beyond commuting time much. I’m sure I will also get another chunkster or two in after the Toppler week, or before and after, depending on how the timing works out. I still have to finish the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, after all, and since they are just sooooo boring (NOT!)…

Hope you have enjoyed this sneak peak, and let me know if you have read any of these!


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I am Associate Professor of Psychology at Lamar University. Previously, I was a psychologist in private practice in Jenkintown, PA where I specialized in anxiety disorders and working with people living with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. I am a little addicted to good literature. Ok, a lot addicted.
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