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February Plans

Since I’m currently about four commute days away from finishing my next chunkster (The Girl Who Played with Fire), I’m not going to have reviews to post for a bit. I decided to share with you the results of my … Continue reading

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The Journey of A Glass Church in New South Wales

Without intending to, I have immersed myself in mid-19th century Oceania with my most recent reads. This one was across the water in the marginally more settled New South Wales. The narration begins in the present day, with a narrator … Continue reading

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Mystery and Gold in New Zealand

A quick apology: my reviews are probably going to be very short this semester. I’m ridiculously busy, so this is a place I am going to cut back a bit. You will still get a feel for what I think … Continue reading

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Closing in on the End of Author Alphabet

I’m racing along to the end of the alphabet, trying to get at least the authors done before the end of the year. The end is in sight, and in most cases, I’ve been able to meet some other goals … Continue reading

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Can’t Leave India

It was wonderful to realize that I could get two novels about India into this year by counting Midnight’s Children for Pakistan instead. I’m really glad to have done it, since I got to visit the same time period, but … Continue reading

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From Arizona to India (and Pakistan, which is where I’m counting it)

Two more updates, one quick and one more substantial. I visited AZ with a detective dog to fill my Q author slot, and then finally got to indulge my Rushdie addiction and get around to probably his most heralded book. … Continue reading

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I’m So Excited!

I wrote this post on 9/11, but seem never to have hit publish. UGH. Ok, I will be back really soon with a review of Mr. Vertigo, which I loved and finished yesterday, but first I just say THE BOOKER … Continue reading

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