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On the banks of the Hudson, with Echoes of Wellesley

  I have leap-frogged over a couple of reviews to discuss this one, because I found myself composing this post in the time remaining in my commute after the novel stopped playing. Something in Leah Hager Cohen’s writing made me … Continue reading

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Facing War Trauma in Edinburgh

For one the challenges in a Goodreads book group, I finally got started on the Regeneration Trilogy by Pat Barker. The books in the series are on the 1001 list, have received awards and huge critical acclaim, but I was … Continue reading

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Grenada and Sweden on the Edge of My Seat

I just finished up the second of Stieg Larsson’s suspense novels, and I am going to keep this brief so I can start the third one! The novel definitely captured my full attention, and I was really glad to have … Continue reading

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February Plans

Since I’m currently about four commute days away from finishing my next chunkster (The Girl Who Played with Fire), I’m not going to have reviews to post for a bit. I decided to share with you the results of my … Continue reading

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Traveling Back to East Texas in the 1960s

This summer I moved to Houston to take a job teaching in the psychology department of Lamar University, which is located 100 miles east, in the heart of East Texas. East Texas is a place you have to learn to … Continue reading

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The Journey of A Glass Church in New South Wales

Without intending to, I have immersed myself in mid-19th century Oceania with my most recent reads. This one was across the water in the marginally more settled New South Wales. The narration begins in the present day, with a narrator … Continue reading

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Mystery and Gold in New Zealand

A quick apology: my reviews are probably going to be very short this semester. I’m ridiculously busy, so this is a place I am going to cut back a bit. You will still get a feel for what I think … Continue reading

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In Sweden, After A Long Delay

I predicted I would finish this Chunkster by Wednesday. It’s Monday night and I am ready to start book 2 of the series. I can’t believe it has taken me years to pull this one off my shelf and read … Continue reading

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Finishing the Divergent Series in Chicago

I altered my Chunksters list to get this book into the challenge, because a friend just loaned it to me. My Goodreads review follows. Allegiant by Veronica Roth My rating: 3 of 5 stars The third novel in the Divergent … Continue reading

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In the Trees Near Genoa

Yes, I’ve already finished the first of the books in my TBR Pile Challenge. These short ones are a treat. I wanted to finish off Our Ancestors, a trio of novellas by Italo Calvino. I had read the other two … Continue reading

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